Medical device packaging does not meet these conditions must not be sterilized! Remember that!

As we all know, medical device packaging as the last barrier to protect medical devices, its importance is self-evident. It is necessary to sterilize it before it leaves the factory completely, so that it can maintain the internal sterile environment of the system within a certain period of time, so as to protect the safety and stability of medical devices. However, yingshuo packaging reminds you that not all materials can be sterilized! Want to sterilize the packaging of medical devices? Let’s see if you’ve met the following requirements.

Medical device packaging does not meet these conditions must not be sterilized! Remember that!

Medical device packaging

1. Basic performance

There are two common basic properties: physical properties and chemical properties. Physical properties include barrier, air permeability, strength of various devices, etc. The chemical properties include solvent resistance, environmental stability, etc. There are also less common optical properties such as transparency and haze, as well as high temperature resistance, radiation resistance and other properties related to sterilization processes.

2. Microbial barrier

In order to be used as a manufacturing material for medical device packaging, this requirement is needless to say that it must be met, because most of the protection system of medical device packaging is a closed system formed by heat sealing and other processes between the blister packaging part and different cover materials, and their premise is to be able to isolate microorganisms. On the basis of this concept, we can divide packaging materials into polyporous materials and non-polyporous materials. Among the materials that are often used, tyvek and medical wrapping paper belong to the former, while various kinds of polymer composite films, hard blow-up boxes and other composite materials belong to the latter.

Post time: Dec-02-2019