Fight against the virus, Sinoland Medical is in action!

On February 2, 2020, the Emergency Management Office of Qingdao Municipal Hospital held a pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work meeting with a new type of coronavirus infection. After the meeting, the current situation of the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic situation was grim, and the number of patients waiting to be watched was increased. The hospital made a pre-judgment on the use of the hot-spot diagnosis and observation wards in the two hospitals, and planned ahead to increase the number of observation wards.


The epidemic is an order, prevention and control is responsibility, and time is life. The hospital’s leaders decisively decided to quickly expand the observation ward by setting up a temporary ward. Both hospitals in Qingdao Municipal Hospital have established a fever clinic and observation ward.


The dean in charge led the team personally, Wancheng Medical staff participated in the whole process, and overcame numerous difficulties in accordance with the principle of special affairs. The construction of the ward is tight in time and heavy in tasks, but everyone wants to work in one place, and the ward in the two hospitals is busy, not chaotic, and orderly. Each link follows the established plan and Step by step.


It took only one day for the eight observation wards in the two hospitals to “rise up”. All the supporting facilities are complete and there are conditions for admission.



Post time: Feb-06-2020